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Safety Glass Our company manufactures and supplies Toughened glass which are beneficial than regular glass:-

    When it breaks, and

    When it doesn't.

The toughened glass is created with uneven heating which causes the cooling glass to form layers, instead of a solid sheet. It has more resistance than other glasses.

Key Properties


  •   Superior strength compared to annealed glass
  •   When failure occurs, glass panels shatter into small pieces that rather than sharp shards as is the case with annealed glass
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Attacked by hydrofluoric acid (HF)
  • Safe to use.

Shower Cubicles
We offer shower cubicles in different sizes and inclinations of different degrees such as 90-180-135. There are variety of etchings and textures. We provide these glasses with specific demand from the customer, so that their satisfaction level is maintained. Our toughened glass are of branded hardware and hinges as per the desire.

Glass Shelves
Our range of glass shelves are large and we keep different kind of attractive, durable Glass Shelving, Glass Shelves, Corner Shelves, Wall Shelves, Cable Shelves, Display Shelves, Clip Shelves and Shelf Dividers for home and office customers. These shelves are delivered immediately after order and are nowadays highly in demand because of its beautiful sleek designs. We provide these glasses at reasonable prices.

Frameless Glass
We provide a variety of Toughened frameless glasses in modified stipulations for the security reasons. Our specialization in delivery these glasses are as per customer’s requirement and provide them with accurate design and specification. These frameless structure of glasses are the frameless openings, spider glazing, railing toughened glasses with branded hardware and hinges in support with the channels and silicon. The quality of these frameless structures are maintained and provided at reasonable rates.

Processed Glass

Processed Glass

Processed Glass is used in the application splashbacks, balustrades, balconies etc.


Design Glass

Design Glass

Design of the shower cubicle will be based on the size of the shower area


Shower Cubicle


Design of the shower cubicle will be based on the size of the shower area


Glass Railing


Our Firm is involved in offering a quality tested range of Glass Railing.